About Us

Our Vision

A world where no well runs dry!

Our Mission

To Improve the sustainability of groundwater sources for the rural population to access safe drinking water by empowering both public and private sector actors with the appropriate knowledge, skills, technologies, and innovations to sustainably harness groundwater sources

Why #rediscovergroundwater?

Our slogan, ‘(re)discover groundwater’, highlights the importance of re-imagining our understanding of groundwater sources, in order to leverage it sustainably and meet the growing demands of rural populations.

We don’t believe in drilling more boreholes – enough organizations are doing that! More time, effort and investment should be directed at providing sustainable solutions that ensure long-lasting groundwater supply for generations. This means addressing the longstanding problems of environmental degradation, limited accountability structures, and sub-optimal operation and maintenance systems.

These challenges are formidable and will require boldness, innovation, and collaboration to positively disrupt Malawi’s water sector. We want to be one of those sector disruptor!

Want to get involved or support our work?

Do you share our vision? Are you interested in supporting our work? Would you like to become one of our partners? Then click below, get in touch and our team will get back to you.

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