Message from Team Leader

Why a Social Enterprise?

The funding landscape globally is highly competitive and laden with donor fatigue. It is getting tougher for start-ups, like ours, to find unrestricted funds to do the important work we want to do. But where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity!

That’s why we created BASEflow Services (a commercial company registered under the number MBRS1056665), which will provide a portfolio of services to Malawi’s social sector as part of diversifying our income base. My vision for these services is not to make a profit, but to fully – 100% – cover BASEflow’s overhead costs. This will reduce the burden of overheads on future proposal budgets for our non-profit work so that every penny raised goes directly to the rural communities we serve.

Can you imagine ‘an overhead-free’ proposal budget? We do!

Help Us get there!

Check out, and download, our new business profile below and get in touch for more information:

Our Valued Clients

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