Sustainability of water infrastructure remains one of the major challenges affecting people’s access to safe drinking water in rural areas of Malawi, with non-functionality rates as high as 41%. Many factors affect the functionality of water infrastructure such as poor construction quality, inadequate supervision and limited accountability; however, further exacerbating this problem has been the unchecked influence of the political class on the allocation of investments for water services improvements. Furthermore, despite the presence of state actors who are responsible for providing external maintenance support to water point committees and water mechanics, they lack the financial, human and technical resources to carry the basic maintenance support functions as per mandate.

Our Team Leader, Muthi Nhlema, as one of the leading voices in Malawi’s water sector, gave an interview to the Nation Newspaper which made the daily’s front page with an article written by Ntchindi Meki, dated 16th March, 2024.
His comments focused on the need for politicians to foster coordination with other sector actors in the management and allocation of water assets and adopt a data-driven decision-making approach to inform impartial targeting of water investments and resource allocations for more sustainable and equitable access to safe drinking water for rural populations.
Click on the link below to access the article on the Nation Newspapers website.

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