We are thrilled and honored to receive the prestigious 2023 Zikomo Presidential Award for outstanding contributions to sustainable groundwater management.

The 2023 Presidential Zikomo Awards was held under the theme “Celebrating Self-reliance,” and BASEflow was among 13 recipients that were awarded for their work in finding solutions to various social problems which the country is facing. This recognition serves as a testament to the dedication, and unwavering commitment of our team who have been working tirelessly to deliver efforts and innovations that address technical, social, and institutional barriers that limit sustainable groundwater supply in Malawi.

The 2023 Zikomo Presidential Award presented to BASEflow

Over the years, with support from various partners and collaborators, BASEflow has played a pivotal role in monitoring and safeguarding groundwater use through ground and surface water monitoring, comprehensive data collection and reporting, and the use of cutting-edge technologies, to track groundwater levels, quality, and usage. This data-driven approach has provided the foundation for informed decision-making and effective resource management for government and non-governmental partners, which is the first step to creating a unified front to tackle various pressing water-related issues in Malawi.

Receiving this Award is a momentous achievement that reflects the dedication, expertise, and commitment of our team, and we are truly honored to have been recognized for all our hard work. But we know that the journey is only just beginning and there is still so much to be done to protect and conserve our groundwater. But recognitions, such as these, rejuvenate our resolve to continue striving for a future where no well runs dry, and groundwater resources are safeguarded for generations to come.

For more information about the Zikomo Awards, please visit the Malawi Government Facebook Page: https://shorturl.at/lvCO9

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