As part of our social enterprise work, BASEflow has entered into a strategic partnership with Ess Ess Enterprise (, a local private company that specializes in the supply of water handpumps, and other associated parts. The partnership will focus on the promotion of various life-saving water and sanitation products and services, the first being the Madi Drop ceramic tablet, an innovative water treatment alternative.

Designed for household point-of-use water disinfection, the Madi-Drop is a lightweight micro-porous, water permeable ceramic tablet infused with microscopic silver clusters. Made from natural materials, it can treat up to 20 liters daily Annually for up to one year, which translates to 7000 litres of water treated for household safe use.

As part of the partnership, BASEflow will be Ess Ess Enterprise’s sole partner-of-choice for the marketing and distribution of the tablet, mostly, to NGOs, working in rural areas, private companies, institutions and households.

If you would like to know more about the Madi drop Product, please email Annmarie Morin on an******@ba********.com or visit the Madi Drop website

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